The Border Run to Nicaragua

Living in Costa Rica as an American expat comes with a few complications like the fact that we're technically just perpetual tourists in the eyes of immigration. However, in the tradition of the pura vida lifestyle, we learn to take these complications and turn them into opportunities.  In this case the immigration limit of 90 days in Costa Rica becomes an opportunity for a weekend adventure across one of Costa Rica's land borders. This weekend's opportunity took me to the Nicaraguan border where for the first time I attempted to drive my Costa Rican tagged car into Nicaragua. This lead to more complications that become yet another opportunity to solve travel problems on the fly and keep the shutter clicking. I had to leave the car at the border but I did make it to Granada and enjoyed the historical architecture, food, culture, and interesting street characters. Here's some shots from the trip. Enjoy!


In Liberia, Costa Rica on the way to the Nicaraguan border. Students doing some fundraising outside the only known McDonald's in Guanacaste. 

One of the hammock selling guys at the Costa Rica Nicaragua border.

Granadana, Nicaragua. A local street dancer appears to float in mid air.

Driving in Nicaragua, we saw a guy hanging out the back of a moving bus.

Granada Nicaragua. Street dancer performing some classic break dancing moves.

Granada Nicaragua. Happy Nica vending her handmade jewelry.

Night life in Granada, Nicaragua. Street performance.

Night life in Granada, Nicaragua. Dancers in action.

Granada at night.