Performance Event in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica: Featuring Soledad on Aerial Silk Acrobatics

had the honor of working with one of our local favorite artists the very talented Soledad de la Riva. Soledad is a well known painting artist and performing artist from Argentina and she lives part of the year in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. When she's not performing or teaching aerial fitness she's painting the most amazing murals on the walls of our local businesses and homes. To learn more about Soledad's work and art, visit and like her facebook page at:

The images below were captured last night at the performance event in Las Catalinas,  Playa Dante, a small beach community near Brasilito, Costa Rica.


Soledad de la Riva performs the graceful art of Aerial Silk Acrobatics.

Child practices the art of tight rope walking at a performance event in Playa Dante, Costa Rica.

Some added light effects as the last light of the day is setting.

Live music performed by Christian along side of the aerial performance. 

Dusty Hale a.k.a dustyhale is an American expat photographer living in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica near the town known as Tamarindo. Dusty specializes in Portraiture, Weddings, and Surf Photography (or other sports) and has a special fondness for landscape and real estate photography.  Dusty also works actively within the web/app design/development industry and has a great appreciation for all things creative and technical.